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Where can I park in Oslo, Vippetangen?

Where can I park in Oslo ( Vippetangen)?
Stena Line, DFDS and Havnevesenet shares a parking lot outside the terminal at Vippetangen. Due to seasonal high demand, we cannot guarantee available spots. There are two available  ticket machines, so make sure you use the right one, according to whether you want long term or short term parking.


Long time parking
Pay for long term parking at the ticket machine to the right of the main entrance to the terminal. You can pay using credit/debit cards and coins. Pay, push the button for wanted number of hours, push the green button, and you will receive a receipt. Place the receipt in your car, clearly visible in the front window. 


Another option is to park in the Q-Park garage “Bankplassen”. See PDF for directions. Draw a regular ticket when entering the facility. Bring the ticket with you, and make sure to stamp the ticket in the machine next to the elevator (on the ground floor)  when you arrive back in Oslo. When the ticket is stamped, you will pay the same amounts as for the outside parking lot, when you get your car from the garage.


RATE: NOK 200 per started 28 hour period. 28t (t= hours) is enough for your 24 hour cruise. If you are travelling on a Sunday 36 hour cruise, use the 56 t button for up to 56 hours. The buttons can be combined to pay for even longer intervals.

Short term parking
Pay for short term parking on the machine closest to the parking lot, on the corner of the grey building. You can pay with credit/debit cards and coins. 
RATE: 35NOK per hour


Handicap parking
If you have a handicap parking permit, you can park for free on the marked spots. Remember to leave your permit clearly visible in the front window.


Parking with caravans and camping cars
Unfortunately, there are no parking spots big enough for caravans and camping cars. Please be adviced that if your vehicle takes up more than one spot, you need to pay for the number of spots occupied. Make sure both parking tickets are clearly visible in the front window.


If you have any other questions about parking at Vippetangen, please contact Q-Park  or call them +47 815 22 315